Hello and meow

I am a Maine Coon Cat from Germany. I live in a cabin and mostly outdoors in a 5 hectare wetland area in a sub-urbian region of Berlin. I am a campaigner for the ecosystem, for climate change awareness and for a sustainable lifestyle.
This news channels and broadcasters already screened my videos: Buzzfeed, CNN, The DoDo, BoredPanda, Unilad and the Broadcaster Pro 7 Galileo.



My hobbies

I love strolling around at the bank of our river and on the meadows, observing insects and bigger animals. I love hunting mice and rats.
I often go by boat and kayak with my humans.

Food favorites
I eat bio-organic food from different brands and three times a week raw food, especially heart of beef, raw chicken, chicken hearts and turkey hen.

Typical for Maine Coona cats, my fur is very thick and therefore, my humans use an undercoat comb for grooming! They brush me every morning and I get some treats meanwhile 🙂